A moment of optimism

Though we might be on a cliff edge that might collapse if we move, yet through any eventuality may collapse regardless of our movement… …all you can do is watch the view of the waves breaking rhythmically and reliably below, bound by timeless law… …stand under the clouds as they pass… …waiting for the first […]

Wisteria Hysteria: London in bloom

It’s that time of year again- the time when anyone with a penchant for purple and an eye for floral splendour takes to the streets of London in search of wisteria. The lilac blossoms are swinging from hedgerows and bluebells have pushed their way up through the tough spring soil, but it’s the wisteria adorning […]

Mysteries of Egypt

Egypt is a mysterious land, full of ancient history and magnificent monuments. Every majestic sunrise and sunset that rose over the desert valleys lit up the air, already rich with mystery. The temples and tombs of Pharaohs and Queens were exquisitely decorated and all towered high into the sky. You could feel the presence of […]

Highgate Cemetery

Highgate cemetery is a perfect place for thinking. On a bright day, the sunlight beams through the canopy of seemingly ancient trees that tower above the gravestones and memorials scattered on the ground. The effect is wonderfully ethereal. The gloom of death is transformed into a place of memories and peace that transcends the city […]

Chelsea in Bloom, 2018

Wandering through Kensington & Chelsea is delightful enough on any normal London day. Add decadent designs of blooming flowers, quirky bicycles and bucketloads of greenery, and the Royal Borough is transformed into a summery haven of love. Petals are patterned into multicoloured swathes that drape around door frames and burst out of windows in an […]

Hidden Gems of the ‘Dam

It’s a pity that, amongst many of my peers, the main attraction of wonderful Amsterdam is the weed. Yes, I may have dabbled somewhat nervously with that pungent herb, but in the words of A. Silverstone, ‘It is one thing to spark up a doobie and get laced at parties, but it is quite another […]

Escape to Mongolia

When I was little, I always used to make half-baked plans to attempt to escape the monotony of life (little did I realise just how good I had it…) and jet off to various places; the most frequent of which was the Mongolian Steppe. My plan was to run out of the house with all […]