Short review: KANT, A Short Introduction

Having a go at understanding Kant- don’t worry, it’s just a short introduction! 🙌🏼

To be honest, I find Kant a bit wishy washy. However, I suppose I can’t fully make a judgment on his works since:
a) I’m not a philosopher
b) He is highly respected 
c) It’s only a short introduction to his work

I love the short introduction series. Perfect for dipping into big topics, and getting a general idea of whether you want to actually read more and pursue an interest in the field! They describe the main areas of interest in the topic, the big questions and vital knowledge for getting a handle on the material in question.
This particular short introduction was a great demonstration of this. A clear, concise intro to one of the supposed great minds in philosophy. The perfect way to get into the field if you don’t know much about it already, and you want to have a good think when you’re reading something! The ideal little travel book. ✈️


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