Bwejuu Village Project, Zanzibar

Bwejuu Village is nestled among the palm trees that line the white beaches of Zanzibar’s east side. I was shown around by a papa of the village who introduced me to some of the residents and showed me the projects they have going, including a great GP with incredibly friendly healthcare assistants, a women’s seaweed collective, and schools for all ages from which raucous laughter emerged.

I made friends with some of the children who were very curious to see me wandering around. They were all very keen to have their photos taken, posing with icepops and giving me hugs afterwards! Some boys decided to show off and demonstrate their athleticism on the football pitch.

I was stuck not only by the bright colours that caught my eyes at every turn, but by the friendliness and helpfulness of the people- they really seemed happy to have me there- and I was fascinated to learn about coconut farming and how to make enormous fishing nets.

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