My name is Iona (like the island) and I am a 20 yr-old living in London. I tend to spend my time drifting off into daydreams about travelling to dark, distant parts of the globe with nothing but a camera and a backpack of junk…

IMG_2176 - Version 4

I like to think that I’ve led quite an interesting life so far, albeit difficult at times. My parents divorced after some rather unhappy years for all of us when I was 10, which left me in quite a turbulent and unstable environment. I had to do a lot of emotional and mental growing up quite quickly. This, combined with the pressures placed on me mainly by myself, but also from my family and school, left me in a fragile state which put both my physical and mental health at risk. 

After struggling throughout my teenage years with various mental health disorders including depression, anxiety and bulimia, I finally reached out for help in my first year of university when, after a period of slight stability, things took a turn for the worse and I reverted back into my old habits. 

I started this blog as an outlet- I’ve always loved writing and travelling, and by putting a bit of myself into each post I can use this as a kind of gentle therapy. Plus, it’s something I really enjoy and that can never be a bad thing, hey? 

IMG_2398I struggled with my sexuality for many years, not willing to admit what I knew deep down was part of who I was, am, and always will be. I came out as bisexual in July, 2017, via a post to Instagram, and have never looked back. The support I received from both my family, friends and people I barely know has been wonderful and has really aided my recovery. Being part of the LGBT community has given me so many opportunities and some fabulously amazing new friends- everyone is so full of love and joy for who they are, and who you are, that it has simply given me the boost I needed to pursue my goals and open my wings to become the person I want, and can, be.

Feel free to ask me anything- whether you’re looking for advice, info or just a quick chat to swap travel or life times, get in touch! 









  1. Thanks for following my blog; I hope you find plenty that’s interesting. I’m returning the favour, because you’ve posted some stunning photos, and you made it to Mongolia, whereas I’ve only read about people travelling there…


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