I have been lucky enough to have been on escapades involving many different forms of comfort, adventure and in the company of both family, friends and strangers. 

I believe that no matter where you find yourself, there are endless sights to see and adventures to be had, whether you’re trying to maintain the morale of your mates when stuck in the base camp of Stok Kangri for what feels like weeks, or hopping on a train in the middle of the Czech Republic and hoping you won’t be chucked off, or even trying to relax on a boat in the Galapagos Islands with sharks circling all around you.


No matter the budget, there are always ways to have an incredible adventure- trust me, when you find yourself in Berlin with 3 days before the flight home and with a grand total of £15 to your name, you have to make do…you may not be living in luxury exactly, but with a bit of research and exploration its easy to find food and ways to see sights and so on for free.

As I travel, I record everything in a journal, so that everything I see I can remember brightly.