Project: Books

I’ve always had a deep love of reading; at school I won various reading competitions and was on the regional book quiz team.

I couldn’t travel without a book.

These days, I have little time to read when I’m at home in London as I’m always studying, out with friends or divulging in all the amazing things the city has to offer. So, when I’m away, I grab a book to read when I’m dining or drinking solo, when I’m relaxing on a beach, or when I’m on a particularly boring plane or bus ride.

Here, you can find some reviews of books I’ve recently been reading. Some are short reviews, and some are longer- especially when there are certain themes or topics within the book I have a lot to comment on… or I just got into a flow writing about it!

I  also run a ‘bookstagram’ account, with mini reviews and pictures of all these books!

My Wander Books – Instagram