Portfolio: writing

Podcast example:

  • Health Editor: The Amnesty Journal – Human Rights issues related to health
  • Zine Editor: The Cheesegrater Magazine – Intersectional Feminist publication
  • Writer: The Cheesegrater Magazine – investigations into the workings of UCL and its Union
  • President: Kinesis Magazine – Science & Technology

I write about a wide range of subjects.

“Zero Tolerance is just a marketing scheme”: Union hypocrisy fails sexual assault victims

Female Genital Mutilation: Tradition or Torture?

Climate Column: Make Your Mind Up, Mr. Trump! 

UCL Boat Club Plan Meeting to Solve The Patriarchy… No Women Invited

UCL Netball & Rugby Host Playboy Memorial for Hugh Hefner

Climate Change: The Great Barrier Reef

A Brief History of Eugenics

RUMS Boat Club: Sexual Harassment and Drinking